“Camille is a knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to the students and teachers with which she worked. Her teaching skills are exemplary. Her leadership skills are collaborative. Her literacy background in curriculum, instruction and assessment are one of her many strengths. Elements of Balanced Literacy are her focused strengths. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Camille again.”

Rebecca Todd, Former Principal & Instructor at D’Youville College

“In September of 2016, my child’s second grade Teacher advised me my child was going to be held back because he was extremely below average in English; the Teacher also advised my child could not read even at a Pre-K level.
I immediately went to Reading Success and had my child evaluated and the evaluation from Ms. Aloi was spot on with what the teacher stated.
I purchased the largest package and my child began his new journey into freedom, self respect, and confidence!
At first, my child was going to Reading Success 8 hours a month. After a very short period of time my child stated, “Mommy I want to stay another hour”. After conferring with Ms. Aloi, and her complete understanding of my crazy schedule, (she) made it work!
My child double his hours to 16 hours a month (2 hours sessions). My child worked hard as M. Aloi and her staff pushed my child to achieve his personal goals.
By school’s end (2017) my child was reading above grade level and was promoted to third grade.
As of this date (08.31.2017) my child has taken the iReady assessment test and tested out in these areas: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and High-Frequency Words. The complete iReady assessment of my child revealed my child is above average levels in all areas! My child’s Teacher was shocked and amazed that my child tested out in three of the hardest areas for children of his age.
In conclusion, Ms. Aloi and her staff helped my child to not only achieve grade level but to surpass the level! I highly recommend Reading Success to any child who needs extra support in learning. Ms. Aloi and her staff has the tools to help struggling children. I would never place my child in any other learning center. Ms. Aloi is dedicated to seeing children grow and learn.”

Jennifer D.H., Parent, Martin County, September of 2017

“My son struggled to read through two years of Kindergarten. After coming here for a few months he had gone back to basics and developed a much better foundation and much more confidence. Now he is off to the races and we will continue to come to Reading Success Learning Center!”

Trisha Moore, Parent at Seawind Elementary School, September 2017

“My son who was entering 1st grade took summer classes with Mrs. Camille, the owner. He was struggling (with) many areas of reading, writing, sight word recognition, and phonics. With her expertise, evaluations, and customized lesson plans, she helped him excel and gain confidence and skills he needed. She is definitely a specialist! I highly recommend her!”

Pat Denuzzio, Parent at Citrus Elementary School, March 2016

“Thank you for helping me earn the Wild About Learning Academic Growth Award at Pinewood. I would not have been able to do it without you!”

Joseph, 4th Grade Student at Pinewood Elementary School, May 2015

“I cannot thank you enough for helping Summer. Her improvement is Remarkable! Thank You!”

Donna, Mom from Stuart Middle School, January 2015

‘Our daughter had a wonderful experience and writing instruction from a very good teacher. We were able to identify her strengths and areas which we can improve on. (We believe) writing is a life long journey which adds significant ability in all aspects of life.”

Mom & Dad from Citrus Grove Elementary, April 2014

“This past October . . . I was extremely frustrated with my son’s lack of progress in reading and writing. . . . Justin was in second grade but he was reading below the first grade level and he was displaying signs of defeat in his slumped over posture . . . I decided to call your office and see if there was a chance to get Justin on track. Camille promptly returned my call and assured me that she was more than able to assist us in helping in this matter. After our phone conference I also felt confident in her abilities.

. . . I am beyond grateful that we found your learning center, as I am happy to report that my frustrated child has made dramatic improvements. . . . five months later Justin is reading at an advanced second grade level with fluency and comprehension. Justin’s attitude towards learning now inspires everyone around him. His teacher is impressed and surprised as well.

Thank you!! Thank you!! You truly have impacted him in a way that will forever change the course of his education. . . . I will always have amazing things to say about Camille Aloi at the Reading Success Center.”

Donna, Parent from Citrus Grove Elementary​, March 2014

“My name is Craig Kalner and my daughter Melanie has been going to Camille Aloi and the Reading Success Center for tutoring since July. Although it has been a short time, Melanie has been showing incredible improvement. Camille brings the true meaning to the word professional with her patience, kindness and motivational skills.

I believe in and I highly recommend Camille Aloi and the Reading Success Center to any person who is looking to develop and improve their reading skills.”

Craig Kalner, Parent from Hidden Oaks Middle School, September 2013